Such tasteful iOS 7-style blurring.

Such tasteful iOS 7-style blurring.

We’ve been receiving several tips over the last week or two about a possible “Columbia/Barnard Tinder” site, Spark@CU, so we decided to investigate. Some of you may have received emails from Spark@CU similar to those sent out by DateMySchool last year, such as this one:

Subject line: Spark@CU
Hey there! We have exciting news for you. Another Columbia/Barnard student added you to their list on Spark@CU. Log in to make your own list, and see who you’ll let sparks fly with!
Register and start your list at

We also got this question from our anonymous tip form:

mama bwog, so is spark@cu a thing or am i being catfished. my bullshit senses are down after an all nighter

much love, zzzzz

Two of your friendly editors went over to the site to see if phishing was amok. Our verdict? Seems pretty legit. We registered, entered each other’s UNIs, and quickly received emails from the site first saying that we’d been added by someone else, and then a second with the UNI of the mutual connection. We were invited to respond to the email to get the conversation flowing.

So there you have it. Go forth and find love in a hopeless place, fellow Columbians.