poems with a pen

poems with a pen

Readers have been leaving some poems and lyrics in the comments, and we’ve been compiling some of our own.  Here we make sweet, sweet love  poems from this past week’s comments.

Prezbo doesn’t skip leg day
doesn’t even go here
sequestered in this festering PC prison
using their newspapers as toilet paper

trigger warning : bwog, jesus
Terry Martinez, magnificent bulk of womanflesh,
hand-crafted non-prescription turtle shell pseudo hipster glasses.
coming redemption.

bald men
hip as hell

Why even admit undergrads?
is he constipated?
I don’t think your sarcasm and cynicism are warranted, Bwog.
bald men are hot mhmm
he looks like a sloth
The Cake
is a lie

And lastly…..

you’re not poopin’ in pupin?

The literati via Shutterstock