Now that Bacchanal is over we feel it is our duty to tell you all the other things that have happened.  The following is a collection random snippets, photos and tips that we’ve received over the past few days.Oh, and then there are those prospies and their shenanigans. 

Prospies make people not so prosperous:

  • “Two prospie girls in my LitHum this morning. One left early, the other talked too much. Like more than people in the class. Super awkward”
  • Email subject: “If those are prospies screaming” Email text: “Violence is going to happen.”
  • “Lerner elevators stopping on EACH floor (for me to get to fifth) to let kids in/out, I am asked EACH TIME if I’m ‘also a prospective student’ (this makes four times asked).”
  • And this: “Girl tries to get into Lerner and doesn’t realize that they have a special turnstile. Person working at desk tells the people arriving behind her about the turnstile. Her response: ‘Shoot! Why didn’t you tell me about that?! Now I ain’t choosing Columbia.'”

Other stuff:

Carmanites received the following email (emphasis ours):

In order to conduct necessary repairs, there will be a full domestic water shutdown in Carman Residence Hall tomorrow, April 15th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Facilities and Housing will confirm that water is restored promptly and keep you informed of any updates that become relevant. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

We were worried about international water, thankfully that’s alright. Also, is Carman the new Schapiro?

There was a Deadmau5 concert in a Carman ceiling, as well: