For what it's worth

For what it’s worth

What exactly is SGA doing about the recent sexual assault issues on campus? What’s going on with the SJP banner situation? Barnard Bearoness Lauren Beltrone went to Monday’s SGA meeting to find out.

In response to the recent sexual assault issues on campus, SGA created the subcommittee on sexual assault and gender based misconduct earlier this year. During the committee’s weekly meetings with Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean for Equity Amy Zavadil, the committee goes through the new policy proposal line by line. The committee is dedicated to establishing a support group at Barnard (they’re currently not allowed), creating a website that provides information and online training on the topic of sexual assault and gender based misconduct, and implementing bystander intervention training during this coming NSOP week.

If you’re interested in adding your two cents, the subcommittee has open office hours in the Diana Center room 304 today from 1-2:30pm and on April 23 from 12-1:00pm.

SGA President Maddy Popkin, BC ’14, brought up Barnard College Dean Hinkston’s email in response to the removal of the SJP banner next. According to Dean Hinkston, the banner space on Barnard Hall will no longer be available to students. Together with SGA, Dean Hinkston is working to create a new set of procedures for hanging banners on campus.

In other news, the Lion Credit Union Initiative sent a rep to the SGA meeting to discuss recruiting Barnard students to participate in the 25-member union. Out of the 25 current members, only one student hails from Barnard despite there being a majority of Barnard students in favor of the initiative, according to a survey 175 Barnard students. SGA voted unanimously in favor of LCUI, so watch out for more information on it in upcoming weeks.

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