fbv807: “Abby, Michael, and Steven announcing the exciting next phase of @columbiaspec at an all-staff meeting: it will be the first Ivy paper to drop its print edition in favor of a web-first journalism reality. Paper will print weekly starting fall 2014.”

Spec is currently holding a huge meeting in its office. According to a tweet from Finn Vigeland, former managing editor of Spec, and other sources, the Columbia Daily Spectator will be daily no more—it’s dropping down to one weekly print issue in the fall of 2014, and the Eye will become an online magazine. An encouraging quote from the editor at the meeting: “We will be even more daily”

Peter Sterne’s article in Capital notes that it will be published every Thursday. It continues:

Abrams said the move was not forced by the paper’s current finances, but rather driven by the desire to “make the decision while Spectator is still in a strong place.”

“This is not something that we have to do,” she said. “It’s a choice.”

Furthermore, Jill Colvin, Senior Political Reporter at The New York Observer commented on the major decision:

Former Editor-in-Chief of Spec, Sammy Roth, of course vouches for Abrams’ plan.

And to share even more tweets — specifically those of former Speccie Vigeland — this decision is “not final.” All hail “#NewSpec.”

Perhaps the most important hashtag in the game now isn’t #NewSpec (or even, dare we say it, #DesperateSpec) but that which Spec Sucks proffers:

Update, 9:30pm: Abby Abrams sent an email at 9:23 to the entire staff about “Tonight’s staff-wide meeting”:

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the staff meeting tonight. Here is a summary of what we discussed for those of you who were unable to make the meeting.

At tonight’s meeting, we discussed switching the daily paper to a weekly print production schedule, The Eye to a digital magazine, and refocusing our efforts on our digital presentation and on producing the quality journalism that sets Spectator apart. While we are extremely excited about this change, it is not finalized yet. Spectator’s board of trustees will vote on the changes at a meeting this weekend, after which, we will make an official announcement. We and the board of trustees felt it was important to discuss this pending decision with all of you before it was finalized. We know that it will require lots of planning and dedication from everyone at Spectator, and so we want to give you all as much time as possible to prepare and provide feedback before next semester.

These changes also mean that Spectator will re-allocate funds that we currently use to produce the daily print paper. Going forward, they will be used for digital enhancements to our website as well as to significantly expand Spectator’s work-study program. We feel very strongly that Spectator should be accessible to as many people as possible, and with this expansion, we are taking concrete steps to move toward that goal.

Our once-weekly issue will come out on Thursdays and include a mix of content that will likely be distinct from the content we publish every day on our website. With more pages and a creative design, we will showcase in-depth news stories, weekend sports and arts coverage, and opinion content. We realize these are large changes and so many of you may still have questions or ideas you would like to discuss. We are always available to answer any questions you have and to talk about any of the things discussed in this email or tonight in the office. Please feel free to reach out to any of us or stop by the office in the coming days.

All the best,

Abby, Steven, and Michael

The Announcement via Finn Vigeland’s Instagram.