Actually running on negative fumes

Actually running on negative fumes

Look, the endpoint is in sight. Dorm rooms are emptying of the hipster junk you thought would look cool but ended up just taking up space. Stress and sleep deprivation have blanketed a calm over the campus. Focus, and you’ll be able to endure. Try studying in one of those lesser known libraries that probably have a mysterious staircase leading to the perfect study spot.

Bwogline: A transfer student to Columbia has spoken out against her former college, Williams, mishandling a sexual assault case. (WBUR)

Finals Tip: Music Hum Flashcards.

Procrastinate: Feeling hungry? Spending your study hours eating Funyuns® and Milano cookies? Trying looking at these and pretending you actually have eaten a cooked meal in the past week. Or relish that you’re not eating one of these.

Music: Bwog was inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest to dig up some of your favourite 80s and 90s Europop. Extra points if you still remember the dance to The Ketchup Song. Énjöy!

Overseen: Not that you can tell from this picture, but these signs in a John Jay window wish Butler studiers good luck and have smiley faces on them.

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