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Bwog Video: Lady Business With Control Top

With the death grip of finals slowly tightening like a noose around our necks, Bwog felt it would be best to bring some humor and joy back to everyone’s lives. The talented and beloved Bwog Video team met up with Columbia’s all-female improv group, Control Top, for some laughs on Bwog and Graduation.

Some basic background information on Control Top, for those of you who know that you are not in the know:

Control Top is Columbia University’s all female long form improv group, dedicated to looking good, being funny, and providing women a place to do comedy on campus. Auditions happen each fall semester and shows take place frequently throughout the year. They will be performing at Fruit Paunch’s 24 Hour Show on May 9th.

This year’s members include:

Eleanor Bray (BC 2014)
Olivia Levine (BC 2014)
Anna Carolan (BC 2014)
Simone Norman (BC 2015)
Christina Ellsberg (BC 2016)
Molly Jacobson (BC 2016)
Sophie Nobler (BC 2016)
Alina Sodano (BC 2017)

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  • this is so says:

    @this is so LAME! Way to go Barnard!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Control Top is open to all of Columbia not just barnard

  • Anonymous says:


  • simone aka I'm in control top says:

    @simone aka I'm in control top “I had a nightmare that you were just farting in my face” omg eleanor

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous control top is some of the funniest shit i’ve ever seen. this video didn’t do them justice bc the sound was shitty, and there’s a different dynamic with live performance. but straight up they have me doubled over laughing when i go to their shows.

    1. Anna Hotter says:

      @Anna Hotter I agree. Unfortunately it is difficult to capture the comedic timing and spontaneity of a live performance like that on film. Even more reason to go to their show with Fruit Paunch!

  • Shelby says:

    @Shelby These females females females are hilarious

    1. Shelby's little, Sophie's gbig, NJ's big, GRECIA BARBOZA's GLITTLE says:

      @Shelby's little, Sophie's gbig, NJ's big, GRECIA BARBOZA's GLITTLE Per my qualifications listed above, I approve this message.

  • #1 fan says:

    @#1 fan im ur #1 fan

  • Mmmm yeah says:

    @Mmmm yeah I wanna get with giggly Alinaaaa. She can control on top anyday.

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