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A statement sent out by Columbia cleared up some of the details of the USenate smoking ban talked about at the last meeting, stating that the smoking areas seen on the map will go into effect on July 1. Notably, one of the areas is in front of Butler, so studiers stepping outside for a breath of fresh air will still be greeted by a smoky slap in the face (20 feet, our ass).

They didn’t say anything about how they were going to enforce compliance, only noting that “all members of the Columbia community” were responsible for following the rule “voluntarily.”

Here’s the press release they sent out:

On May 3, 2013, the University Senate adopted a resolution to limit smoking to designated areas on the Morningside campus. The designated areas will go into effect July 1, 2014.

Smoking will be permitted at 14 locations on the Morningside campus that will be outlined via an online campus map and available in print at key locations like Lerner Hall, the Visitor’s Center, and Public Safety guard booths.

Following the Senate resolution, a task force comprised of students, faculty, and staff, including both smokers and non-smokers, was created to determine the implementation plan, including the designated smoking areas. The areas were carefully chosen to respect the rights of smokers and the well-being of non-smokers.

Key designated smoking areas on lower campus will include outside Butler Library, as well as undergraduate residence halls Wien, Hartley, Wallach and Furnald. On upper campus, locations will include outside Lewisohn Hall, between Avery and Fayerweather, Low Library, Uris Hall, and other select locations.

All designated places are at least 20 feet from building entrances, but still provide smoking areas near highly trafficked campus locations, with shelter when possible, or along commonly used travel routes.

Smoking urns will be installed in each area, making it easy to identify the appropriate location and to ensure that cigarettes are disposed of in the proper waste receptacle. Information regarding New York State’s smoking cessation program (1-866-NY-QUITS) will be posted on all smoking urns.

All members of the Columbia community, as well as visitors, are expected to voluntarily comply with the smoking policy. Mutual respect for individual rights and recognition of personal responsibility are paramount to the success of the implementation.

This replaces the resolution originally implemented in 2010, when the Senate limited smoking to within 20 feet of a building entrance. The new resolution was introduced as a compromise between parties both for and against a smoke-free Morningside campus. In 2009, a smoke-free policy was implemented on all CUMC property, both indoors and outdoors.