*UPDATE 8:38pm* See an editorial statement from Bwog’s board posted tonight at 8:25pm.

*UPDATE 3:38pm* Bwog would like to note that the following does not represent the opinion of the staff or the editorial board as a whole. We have removed the 2:47 update addressing the use of the word “legitimate” because, again, the piece only reflects the opinions of its authors and not of Bwog itself. We do apologize for failing to make this distinction clear when the piece was posted.

In addition, we were tipped that there are “rape list flyers” in Lerner and Butler bathrooms.

Over the past week, three pictures of a list of people who have allegedly violated the sexual assault policy have been tipped to campus media. The first list, written May 7 in a women’s stall in Hamilton, had each name in a different hand-writing and pen color, suggesting that it was written by multiple contributors, but a thorough check through all of the bathrooms in the building showed it was gone within hours. The second, written yesterday in a women’s stall in Lerner, is clearly all written in the same handwriting, as is the third, seen in Butler late last night. We have seen Facilities working diligently with the administration to take them down immediately.

On May 7, after receiving the first list, Bwog was in communication with senior administrators, who told us that publishing the list would violate Title IX as well as FERPA. That, and the desire to be responsible and not start a witch hunt, are the reasons that the uncensored list will never be published by the media. In addition, perhaps writing this list (and publishing the work of a campus “vigilante”)  is not the best way to create a safer campus environment for victims.

We strongly encourage the prosecution through Columbia or the legal system of sexual assault perpetrators and taking all appropriate actions to “cultivate a community that is hostile to perpetrators of sexual violence,” and we acknowledge the bravery of victims and faculty to help force change from the administration by sharing their stories. We are incredibly disturbed that people think this is a legitimate way to deal with the issue.

*Update 10:48 am:* Bwog has gotten tips, and seen for ourselves, a fourth list, written in huge letters in a women’s stall on the second floor of Butler. Public safety has taped up the door, but the bathroom is still open as of 5 minutes ago. Public safety is also taping up the women’s bathroom on the fourth floor.

A very similar incident occurred at Brown in 1990. Brown’s administration was eventually forced to respond to lists of alleged rapists scrawled on bathroom walls.