There’s a new function on SSOL, as you might have noticed when you were attempting to finalize your class schedule. Once you click on the registration tab, look below your wish list for a few more options:


Exciting! There’s a new option, titled a “registration calendar.” This seems like a rather odd name, because it’s really most useful to visualize start/end times and breaks between classes, rather than the option that “shows appointments” for registration.

this is a fake schedule so you don't stalk bwogThis is a fake schedule so you don’t stalk Bwog.

Still, you can hide and show classes you’re registered for—or that are on your wish list—to better see your schedule without using ADI’s course manager. And there are some nifty colors. Between the wait list and wish list, as well as the automatic add-drop requests, SSOL’s been stepping up its game. We would suggest a redesign next, but that would be hypocritical.