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Boringside: Bernheim And Schwartz’s Sign Went Up

Havana Central, rest in peace. The West End, rest in peace. Bernheim and Schwartz, the new restaurant and beer hall opening up on Broadway looks almost done from the exterior; it has new sidewalk, a new sign, and has started to enclose its outdoor seating area. The restaurant is hiring, which is good because we hear it is expected to open up within a few weeks.

IMG_7391The Beats would probably prefer this to Havana Central though


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  • Rip Van Wilder says:

    @Rip Van Wilder This is a ~150 year old Columbia song, updated for the new century.

    The tune is “One Lone Fish Ball.” You can’t make this stuff up.

    Bernheim and Schwartz’s

    Two freshmen once, as green as grass,
    By B and S’s they did pass.

    (Repeat at the end of every verse if you have the patience, the tune needs it)

    Their staring eyes and fresh smooth chins,
    Showed them still young in College sins.

    From Columbia College they had come,
    To Senior pleasures to succumb.

    A college famed for cheeky Sophs,
    Freshmen green and learned Profs.

    So swelling grand with Freshman dig,
    Our friends appeared to feel quite big.

    They’d often heard the Sophs declare,
    Old Bernheim’s charges all were fair.

    Their drinks all nice, both hot and cold,
    In fact as good as e’er were sold.

    Thus now as College men they think,
    They will be fast and take a drink.

    So in they march with pompous pace,
    And boastful mien, yet pallid face.

    Quite loud they call for whiskey straight,
    Although they both do liquors hate.

    The waiter stares and gives a grin,
    Eyes them o’er from toe to chin.

    Then roars it out with awful noise,
    “We don’t sell drinks to little boys.”,+Freshmen+green+and+learned+Profs.&source=bl&ots=VPu8ulmeTj&sig=P7x4nBE7oNzKrdkyhtr2nu_s75g&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kMMUVN-TMc6ayATa64DADw&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=A%20college%20famed%20for%20cheeky%20Sophs%2C%20Freshmen%20green%20and%20learned%20Profs.&f=false

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous am i the only one excited for the beer or what

  • Bernheim and Schwartz says:

    @Bernheim and Schwartz Sounds like a law firm.

    1. Anon says:

      @Anon “Bernheim oand Schwartz Inebriation Associates, how may I direct your order?”

  • Borat says:

    @Borat It smell of jew I take out my jar of gypsy tears!

    My son, he have grown very much he now 15 cm very long! His penis.

  • SENIOR NIGHT says:


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