Recently, Bwog received a tip that included the following disturbing information:

“Public Safety infiltrates student groups. Seriously. If you start to organize, they send in people, or just one person, to your meeting and spy on you, and bring that intel back to the senior administration…. Some of their plain-clothes officers look (and in some cases are) young and receive student IDs (so it’s not as simple as checking CUIDs at the door). But don’t let that deter you. If you’re going to get serious just know that you need to be savvy about it and make sure those who are with you there, are actually, you know, with you.”

With that in mind, we have created a guide to help all of you student-group leaders be more savvy in your membership policies. After extensive research, we have determined that every club on campus does, indeed, have a spy in their ranks, although we can’t say for sure who those spies are. That’s your job. But, we asked Wondrous Wordsmith Julia Goodman and Dreamy Designer Alexander Pines to make this handy scientific chart to help you figure out what kind of agent you need to watch out for.