This is why we need delayed start times.

This is why we need delayed start times.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to our health, but this article says that because of certain circadian rhythms and the sleep habits of teenagers should sleep in. A study has shown that delayed start times at the U.S. Air Force Academy improved grades. (Huffpost)

With Disney’s new movie Maleficent released this past May, this article takes a look at how Disney’s legendary animator helped Maleficent (the character) steal Sleeping Beauty. (Entertainment Weekly)

What are the effects of sleeping in your bra? This article explores different opinions on the subject. (Daily Mail Online)

Man sleeping on the beach allegedly run over by Long Beach truck sues city. (Long Beach Press Telegram)

Did you know your brain creates and consolidates memories while sleeping? Check out these five amazing things your brain does while sleeping. (Huffpost)