What do you think should be included in the Core?

What do you think should be included in the core?

A student group called Unweaving the Core is currently preparing for a performance of The Odyssey which will take place throughout multiple floors of Hamilton in April. The group, which includes Core Scholars and other student group members, is seeking passages from other works that relate to the Odyssey and its themes—including enslavement, migration, and storytelling. These excerpts will be compiled into a script for different characters from the Odyssey to speak in the final performance. The project, organized by several Core professors, is also an opportunity for students to suggest texts that are relevant to the Core but have not previously been included.

Current texts the group is working with include narratives from textile factory workers such as those injured in the collapse of Rana Plaza and slave narratives from individuals such as Mary Prince and Briton Hammon. Student groups focused on literature and performance are especially encouraged to contribute passages that they have found meaningful or relevant to their work. The aim of the project is to collect as many works as possible to put in conversation with the Core, and encourage further development to the structure of classes like Lit Hum and CC. All suggestions, questions, and submissions should be directed to unweavingthecore@gmail.com.
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