Dear Columbia — to our fans, part-time fans, naysayers, haters, and our primarily unruffled, ambivalent readership — we’ve had a strong semester. I say “strong” because it was not quite a good semester but a powerful one, passionate and encouraging. If sometimes too apologetic, you can’t negate our — Bwog’s — interest in the activity we’ve seen on campus over the past four and a half months. A lot has happened, particularly in recent weeks, and I can’t understate my appreciation for your engagement. Not just as a writer and observer but as another student, I am so grateful for a community that persists and is willing to argue against the circumstances you, or I, or anyone else, faces here. I appreciate this persistence.

This is at once our compulsory “Bwog Out” post for the end of the year, and a call for further action. I so love my peers for the work they do on top of academic stress and strain, social and familial and financial and school-related anxieties, adversity and upset, pressure, heartbreak, impairment, invalidation. I ask that you persist and continue. Keep up the good fight (against The Man, perhaps). Send me your thoughts, concerns, stories, ideas, essays, and pitches; I want to know what’s on your mind, what you want to hear about, know about. Write to me personally at Write to greater Bwog, day or night or upon the witching hour, at

Congratulations on completing the fall 2014 semester! Congratulations on your graduation, imminent graduation, first semester of college, or mid-(college) life crisis! Bwog — as an ambiguous, free-form, yet possibly mammalian entity — and I, support you. We wish you a safe, healthy, warm, and fruitful winter break, and hope to see you at our first meeting come January. There will be snacks.


Taylor Grasdalen, Editor-in-Chief