Us getting ready for the Bwog meeting

Us getting ready for the Bwog meeting

Tonight’s the night, the mood is right
Anything I choose he buys
I observe by his shoes and ties
He prefer the exclusive kind
Converse over booze and wine

That’s right. Tonight is another Bwog meeting. After a very difficult recruitment process, #RushBwog is over. It is now time to initiate our new candidates into the brotherhood sisterhood of the traveling pants.

Join us tonight at 5pm in the SGO on the 5th floor of Lerner! There will definitely be snacks. There may even be some juicy gossip. However, there will be no Superbowl. Sorry homie.

Reminder: if you didn’t get a bid from us this time, there’s always informal recruitment for non-first years in the fall!

The rap queen ice princess goddess herself via Tumblr