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Drama@CU: The Party

Obviously, Bwog loves a good drama, a good party, and Columbia University. Drama@CU, the student produced reality show, has managed to capture all of these things in their newest episode, “The Party.” Watch. Laugh. Follow the drama on Twitter.

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  • marry me says:

    @marry me ingrid <3

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I started watching this ironically but then it turned out not to suck.

  • i mean... says:

    @i mean... ERIC: the conversations I’m having are a little one-sided…on my side


  • irl says:

    @irl ingrid’s cute af

  • cool kid says:

    @cool kid mike <3

  • GAH says:

    @GAH I am the Ingrid character from this video help

    1. actual ingrid says:

      @actual ingrid cool!

  • CC '16 says:

    @CC '16 This is actually really great! Good job guys.

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