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Getting To Know Liberty Styles

Try and find yourself in the crowd!! Except you probably don't want to see what you looked like yesterday.

Leaving the Bacchanal crowd & taking to the stage

Bacchanal is now a month away and one component of the annual concert of good jams before us is now common knowledge. At the Battle of the Bands on Friday night, Liberty Styles scored itself the spot as the student opening gig for undisclosed headliner at this year’s Bacchanal.

To become tight with the newest on-campus celebrities, Music Junkie Lili Brown caught up with the band members about their recently dropped music video (embedded below), their work together, and what’s on their minds for Bacchanal and beyond.

Correction (9:14 pm): In addition to Liberty Styles, Bacchanal also awarded Morgan Hughes aka Trill Mah a spot in the opening lineup for this year’s concert. Liberty Styles will not be the only student act as eluded to above.

Bwog: When did the band get together?

Liberty Styles: We all started playing shows at the end of last semester, after months of informal but pretty off-the-hook free-style jamming.

Bwog: What element do you think tap dancing adds to your music?

LS: Tapping is like any other instrument, and it can really do a lot. The real dope thing about it is that it’s sweaty and hard-hitting… you go in, all or nothing. Tap can be angsty, silly, boss, whatever. It’s a party, it’s a celebration of the body. The dancing adds contrast, too — especially when our melodic swells cut out and it’s just feet and swinging arms and a baseline.

Bwog: Is Liberty Styles looking for gigs in the city outside of Bacchanal?

LS: We are definitely looking for gigs and have been very busy performing this semester! Earlier this February we performed a set at The Shrine in Harlem, and we look forward to lots more NYC shows in the coming months.

Bwog: Where did you get the home video footage from that you use in your video?

LS: The home vids are old Super-8 gold from Libby’s dad, Larry (*here he is now, btw*). Libby watched the videos with her pops this winter break and he recalled nostalgically how his childhood neighbor “smelled like snow.” Pretty cute. Also, BIG shout-out to the super talented Bella Markham for producing and editing the video!

Bwog: What do you have to say to your fellow student-fans?

LS: Thanks to all the fun-lovin’ folks who come out and dance with us! Stay fly and stay tuned.

Congrats to Liberty Styles, and if the headliner sucks, we can definitely guarantee one good act at Bacchanal this year.

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  • yusss says:

    @yusss bacchanal committee shoulda just booked them as the headliner tbh

  • Hell yeah says:

    @Hell yeah Can’t get enough of their sound. Congrats

  • Jake says:

    @Jake Ughhh, that was a cool video idea. [how do you even get super 8 on mp4??]

  • omg says:

    @omg Is Libby single? She’s my everything

  • anon says:

    @anon Are you available for snuggling with fans?

  • Grammar Police says:

    @Grammar Police alluded*

  • omg says:

    @omg getting such Psapp vibes from this. Also St. Vincent. Also I love this literally so excited for Bacchanal!!!!!!

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