Don’t you worry, Barnard; we didn’t forget about housing selection for you! Continuing the tradition for the second year in a row, we bring you the reviews of Barnard dorms! Up next we have a dorm that has an unbeatable location in terms of proximity to campus. Today, we’re heading right to The Quad to get a peek inside Sulz Tower.


Location: The Barnard Quad (3009 Broadway)

  • Nearby dorms: 616, 620, Furnald (kinda), the rest of the buildings that are in the Quad
  • Nearby restaurants: Morton Williams, Halal carts galore, the skeletal structure of a restaurant we once knew (cough Ollie’s cough), the Farmer’s market when it’s around


  • Single: $10,400
  • Double: $8,960


  • Bathrooms: Shared floor bathroom, cleaned daily by Facilities crew
  • AC/Heating: Yes, there’s AC. There is also the ability to control the intensity of the heat. The Barnard housing website notes that AC gets turned off after late-September, and it remains off until after the academic year
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Two kitchenette lounges on each floor. TV lounge located on the first floor.
  • Laundry: Located on the 8th floor of Sulzberger Hall
  • Computers/Printers: Two computer labs with multiple computers and a total of four printers located in the basement of Sulzberger Hall.
  • Gym: No, but very close in proximity to the Barnard gym (located in the basement of adjacent Barnard Hall)
  • Wi-Fi: Yeee
  • Hardwood/Carpet?: Tile

Room Variety:

  • Corridor-style rooms
  • 84 singles
  • 14 doubles
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 3.46.50 PM

Floor plan


  • Unless you’re a senior with an excellent lottery number, the odds of securing a place in Sulz Tower is slim-to-none

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Singles and doubles are much larger than any single you would normally get in the Quad
  • Convenience that comes with being so close in proximity to classes/Barnard Hall/the Diana Center
  • Combines the privacy of a Hewitt single with the overall feeling of a shared suite space
  • You can’t beat the views… and the higher you go, the more spectacular they become!!
  • The corner-room doubles are pretty incredible
  • The computer lab, Furman counseling, the Brooks study lounge, and Well Woman can all be accessed without stepping outside

Resident Opinions:

  • “The walls are really thick, which adds to the privacy of the environment.”
  • “You can’t beat the proximity to all the buildings/resources on campus.”
  • “It’s annoying that I still have to purchase some type of meal plan because I live there.”
  • “It’s cool that I have the privacy of a single, but that I can still share a kitchen/bathroom with some of my friends in my suite. It really adds to a feeling of community.”
  • “Sulzberger is the newest building in the Quad, so the amenities are nice.”
  • “It’s annoying to go to the 8th floor just to do laundry.”
  • “I don’t know the people who live in my suite too well, so it feels pretty isolating at times.”