“I’m Fergalicious (so delicious)/ My body stay vicious!!”

It’s been established that approximately 1% of Bwog readers are actually science majors, but that doesn’t deter us from adding to our famed series, entitled BunsenBwog—a brief review of some of the science-related findings and contributions done by members of our campus community. We dispatched our farthest-thing-from-science-major  Tuesday daily editor Briana to the CUMC newsroom to report back on the latest findings in the field.

Running, swimming, hiking, walking— everyone knows that these activities are good for you, but actually putting in time on the treadmill in Dodge is easier said than done. However, a study done collaboratively by CUMC and the New York Psychiatric Institute revealed the true power of aerobic exercise, as it has been shown to improve the cognitive functioning in people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. How does it work? It’s possible that the brain-derived neurotrophic factor that increases during exercise (also known as BDNF) might be responsible for cognitive improvements.

At a time in which kids may be more prone to play on an iPad than to play in the good ol’ outdoors, it’s refreshing to hear of a successful exercise program made just for the youngins. CUMC’s CHALK/JustMove program has been selected by ChildObesity180, a national non-profit organization. This means that schools across the country will now be given the opportunity to implement CHALK/JustMove into their academic and physical education curriculum. The program allows for math, English, and science to be woven into aerobic, yoga, and stretching exercises.

“How Fit Are You, Really?” We were wondering the same thing… so it’s swaggy that Dr. Christopher Visco, director of sports medicine at CUMC, tells us what you can learn from this online calculator. Check it out!

It would be hypocritical for CUMC to endorse physical activity without actually partaking in such fitness regimes themselves, so it’s cool that students at CUMC are able to take advantage of the renovated Bard Athletic Center. With new squash courts, cardio machines, and an A/C system, the center has everything students need to get their sweat on.

Sign me up in the gym via Shutterstock