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Thirteen year-old surfing star Elio Canestri was killed in a shark attack off the coast of India yesterday. Though emergency crews were able to respond promptly, the thirteen year old died as a result of severe wounds to the stomach and chest. This fatality adds to a list of multiple recent shark attacks that have occurred on the waters off the island of Reunion. (NBC News)

Life on Mars may actually be sustainable— NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered evidence of liquid water on the Red Planet.  Even though water may be too cold to exist in liquid form at the planet’s surface, it is possible that organisms can thrive in the planet’s subsurface. Follow the link to read more about this exciting possibility. (BBC)

A California newspaper revealed in an investigation conducted earlier this month that Nestle’s California water permit has been expired since 1988. This finding was met with much outrage by numerous activists, particularly because California’s struggle with severe water shortages has been well publicized. (

We know this isn’t a playlist, but hey, a music suggestion to get you through your Monday morning can’t hurt. Peep The Water[s], an aquatic-themed mixtape by Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins.

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