Peek behind the Carman desk...

Peek behind the Carman desk…

Earlier this morning, students received an email announcing that CC/SEAS students who commute will be given dorm swipe access starting in the fall. This announcement comes after discussions and proposals from both CCSC and ESC. Because of the various non-residential services of our residential halls, such as drop-in counseling hours with CPS, this change in policy will allow students who choose to live off-campus greater ease in accessing such resources. You can read the full statement from Dean Kromm below:

Following the review of proposals from CCSC and ESC, I am pleased to announce that we will be re-instating commuter swipe access in fall 2015. Currently enrolled CC/SEAS undergraduates who do not live in the residence halls will be able to apply for swipe access into the CC/SEAS undergraduate residence halls during the academic year. Commuters must be in good judicial standing to receive access and will agree to the terms of the Guide to Living while in the halls. The full policy will be available in the Guide to Living this summer.

I appreciate the work of CCSC, ESC, and various campus partners on this initiative and, moving forward, hope to continue to foster similar collaborations around issues that deeply impact student and community life.

Cristen Kromm, Dean of Undergraduate Student Life

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