The balloons are up on the gates, new students have piled into their Carman and John Jay doubles, and the first day of NSOP has already come and gone. While you were busy dodging Housing carts, lost first-years, and hyper OLs, we were tweeting the entire day’s worth of hilarious scenes. Check out all that went down before you even woke up along with a few notes from the field. If you are on campus already and saw the commotion that was move-in day, send pics and quotes to or use our anonymous tip form to get in on the action!

Moving In and Exploring Morningside:

  • Apparently Secret Service was on campus and almost ran over 10 pedestrians. It certainly wasn’t for the Obama family, but what other famous person would require such high security? If you know, tell us! We want the gossip!

  • “Freshman at book culture lamenting that they didn’t have a very specific book she wanted. When her friend suggested she order it from Amazon she cried out ‘but that’s not very Romantic.'”
  • Per usual, tons of free food was out on campus. Dig Inn was handing out coupons for a free meal and lemonade! We definitely snagged a few and hope they don’t expire. Per usual, Columbia set out its extravagant buffets while Barnard students were left with boring bagged lunch. First no free laundry and now a boring lunch?! Step it up, Barnard.

The First Night

  • We heard that an entire floor of Carman got written up.
  • You crazy kids took full advantage of no more curfew at home by sitting on the lawns until midnight.
  • “The super smash bros tournament in John Jay was a roaring success.”
  • A friend of a Bwogger was asked to buy beer for not one but TWO different first-year parties. Did your fakes not arrive in the mail yet?