sweetgreen won't you come our waaay

sweetgreen won’t you come our waaay

We know you’ve been jonesing for a small plate from Dig Inn all summer (chicken as the protein, duh.) However, you won’t have to rely on just Dig Inn for healthy eating options in Morningside anymore. The former location of Uni Café (RIP) on 114th and Broadway is finally being filled by sweetgreen! Most people won’t know about this chain if they’re not from Boston, Philly, or DC, but sweetgreen offers a huge selection of salads and other healthy “bowls.” We all love our Milano’s salads, but sweetgreen will be a nice alternative to the normal neighborhood spots when we’re trying to not eat Ferris pizza for every meal.

Amsterdam also has its own new addition–Friedman’s is officially up and running for the fall semester between 118th and 119th St. If you’re getting sick of going to Mel’s every time you want a burger, this might be a good spot to check out. According to a friend, the prices are no worse than any other restaurant in the area. That’s always positive!

Finally, we bring a culinary miracle on our own campus. JJ’s Place will now be open until 1 AM every night. Now we can eat curly fries and drink Jamba Juice every single night post-Butler!