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SVR Releases Controversial New Consent Slogan

Earlier this evening, we received an anonymous tip of a poster from the new Sexual Violence Response consent campaign. The poster says “CONSENT IS BAE #BeforeAnythingElse.” The slogan will be featured in the presentations on sexual respect that all first-years are required to attend during NSOP. In the words of the tipster, some students on campus believe “this poster both trivializes consent and appropriates African American Vernacular English.”

With first-years beginning to move in tomorrow for pre-orientation programs, these posters could likely be one of their first impressions of SVR and its attitude toward sexual violence. Last year’s campaign, which compared consent to traffic lights, was similarly criticized for its juvenile concept and disconnect from student experience. We have reached out to SVR for comment on the poster campaign. We will update this post with any response we may receive.

Update, 8/26/15: We received the following response from SVR in regards to their poster series. They also sent us another poster being used in the campaign, which can be seen below.

Sexual Violence Response (SVR) seeks to promote healthy sexuality and positive behaviors. Historically, SVR has approached its consent education campaign from a constructive, encouraging, and fun perspective. This is also consistent with the tone at the national level, most recently with the affirmative consent legislation.

The Consent is BAE poster was developed in conjunction with SVR student staff and was specifically created to speak to students in a more conversational tone, rather than a lecture. It was designed to engage students on the topic of consent and drive to SVR social media channels to learn more. It’s the first in a series of educational communications that will be used this year. We hope students will continue to think, learn and participate in discourse about this topic beyond this one message.

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  • Only at Columbia says:

    @Only at Columbia Will a poster attempting to educate students about consent and sexual violence be deconstructed and deemed not PC enough. Grade 2 thinking at its finest, design an alternate poster or stfu.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Fucking no one finds this objectionable. BWOG affiliates remind me of how South Park depicts San Francisco people – they are smug, and love the smell of their own farts. Someone needs to oust the current staff because they are far too annoying for their own good. If only I could spit through my computer screen… The writers and editors of BWOG are an embarrassment to Columbia.

  • Bwog, I think you're being trolled... says:

    @Bwog, I think you're being trolled... …or at least I hope you’re being trolled, because I’m really embarrassed by that reaction. The poster is more like adults asking if they’re “hip with it like the kids” than it is triviliazing consent and appropriating.

    And if someone genuinely believes that it is doing both of those things, then….I don’t know what to say.

  • SVR: says:

    @SVR: How do you do, fellow kids?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous come oooooonnnnn. are we really starting the year off like this?

    the slogan is cute and will start a conversation.

    every campaign needs an overhaul once in a while. “Consent is Sexy” wasn’t doing it anymore. this is a smart upgrade

  • Black Alumnus says:

    @Black Alumnus Controversial to whom? A couple of students? I implore the NSOP Committee not to concede to these extremists.

    1. Black Alumnus says:

      @Black Alumnus *SVR, not NSOP Committee.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean their extremists… Also you identifying as a black person doesn’t validate or invalidate the opinions of other black people.

  • Actually... says:

    @Actually... Consent is mandatory.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous shut the fuck up self-righteous feminazi. you are not special and are not important, nor never will be. so build a bridge and get over it.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous You will live a sad life and die alone.

    3. I think says:

      @I think What they mean by “consent is a voluntary positive agreement” is that consent is voluntarily given by both participants (as in, not coerced), and not that consent is optional. +1 on the ambiguous wording though.

  • BiB says:

    @BiB Bae, you sure you aren’t a narc?

  • pharrell and miley says:

    @pharrell and miley cum get it, bae

  • Good news says:

    @Good news Maybe ‘bae’ is finally on the way out??

  • annoyed alum says:

    @annoyed alum Using “bae” is NOT “appropriat[ing] African American Vernacular English”…dude what the hell literally everyone between the ages of 14 and 25 uses that word.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous It is appropriation, African Americans created the word. Just because white teenagers decided it was cool to use doesn’t mean it isn’t AAVE. The problem here in my opinion is that there aren’t more conversations about appropriation, (as many people seem to think it’s just minorities being sensitive?). However, I feel for the administration because it must be hard to make consent presentations seem interesting to a bunch of kids who don’t reallllly care. That being said though saying consent is bae isn’t really impressive…

      1. carrie says:

        @carrie Seriously? Every single word in our language originated from somewhere else. We have Greek, Italian, Dutch, Chinese…..It goes on and on. Heck, Gay was a word that was stolen and changed from Happy to Homosexual…You guys need to give it up and stop.

  • I pierro says:

    @I pierro This article is absolutely awful. It comes off as a piece designed to be incendiary and reads as a tabloid. I love how the article is based on an anonymous “tipster” and the following statements are all based on the this “tipster’s” feelings. How is this anonymous person representative of the entire campus?? Lol. Also, “Bae” is appropriating black vernacular???? Hahahah “bae” is like any other slang that young adults use, of any race etc. Whoever made that statement is just completely ignorant. I can’t even believe that statement is in writing. Like forever. It seems like the author of the article is friends with the “tipster” and using their BWOG capacity to promote views they probably share. Grow up. This is shameful writing.

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