You Are Here!!!

You Are Here!!!

We forgot NSOP was actually a thing, but the schedule for NSOP 2015 was released on Guidebook and we’re feeling all nostalgic for some reason. This year’s orientation is themed “You Are Here,” and includes many of our favorite NSOP programs such as Community Forum, Open Mic Night, and the Gender-Based Misconduct lectures!

To access the official guide, download Guidebook from your smart phone application store of choice. Register a free account or simply search “Columbia University and Barnard College Orientation 2015.” From there, you will have access to a full breakdown of this year’s orientation schedule. One can view Barnard’s orientation schedule online here, as well as the CC/SEAS schedule here (once it is posted online).

This year’s orientation will follow a different schedule in terms of OL group division. Each group is made of 10 members, all of whom are from the same residence hall. Each group (i.e group 7-A) will be paired up with another group (i.e 7-B) from a different first-year residence hall. These two groups will be meeting together at all times and will follow the same tracks.

This year, there are five mandatory tracks aptly named after the five boroughs of NYC for CC/SEAS students. Barnard students are divided into 3 tracks named after some main Barnard bitchez—Magnolia, Milbank, and Millie. Students and groups are expected to attend the given events within their track, i.e. groups 7-A & 7-B are to follow the Brooklyn track! The main events like the New York City event, Community Forum, and the Class of 2019 photo include all first-years and occur at the same time, regardless of group or track.

All of these events may seem fun now, but we’ll let you know which scheduled events you should actually go to during NSOP. Regardless, get excited and start meticulously filling your Google Cal with all these events as you prepare for the sloppiest week of your Columbia life!