you can't see the stairs from outside, but trust us, they're in there

you can’t see the stairs from outside, but trust us, they’re in there

In Bwog’s newest music series, “Sounds of CU,” we will take you on a symphonic stroll across the University, making pit stops at some of its most famous landmarks. We’ll craft a playlist for you to jam to in that week’s location that matches the vibe of the building or hangout spot. First up is Hamilton Hall, Columbia College’s HQ and stair-laden bane of many a student’s existence. Here are some Hamil-tunes to get you through that climb.

  1. Climbing Up the Walls by Radiohead – Okay, you got this. Your lecture is on the top floor of Hamilton and starts in 3 minutes, but you just took a shot of Joe’s coffee and your fingers are trembling with energy as you open the doors.
  2. Break the Rules by Charli XCX – You briefly consider turning around and ditching class. You don’t wanna go to school, you just wanna break the rules… but your studious nature gets the better of you. Nerd.
  3. Regret by St. Vincent – You start your arduous trek and immediately wonder why you decided to wear platform wedges. Heck, you should be in Timberlands and a Camelbak right now!
  4. These Days by Nico – Your friend passes by and smiles at you, saying “hi,” but you blatantly ignore her. You’ve been out walking, you don’t do too much talking these days – plus, by this point, you’re kind of out of breath.
  5. Youth Knows No Pain by Lykke Li – You try to tweet about your travails and accidentally miss a step, crashing your shin into the floor and smashing the iPhone in your outstretched hand. It’s okay, though, you’re just numb now.
  6. Who Killed Tangerine by Tears For Fears – Just when you think it’s all over… IT’S NOT OVER. One more flight to go… 59 seconds until your super-strict teacher will yell at you in the front of class…
  7. Var by Sigur Ros – You succeed in making it to class on time!!! And promptly fall asleep in the back. Congrats, college kid. You conquered Hamilton… this time around.

Hamilton Hall via Wikipedia