Star observers in Riverside tipping to Bwog what they've just seen

Star observers in Riverside tipping to Bwog what they’ve just seen

We’ve arrived at the onset of Labor Day Weekend, which means that the flock of returning Columbia students is just starting its first wave. Official move-in begins on Saturday, but we know people are finagling their way back to campus earlier to do something productive…like bask in the upcoming weekend nights that precede days of no class or responsibilities. Morningside Heights is soon to be reminded of the debauchery that comes with being a “college town” and we want to capture all of the sweaty, misguided energy of the first weekend back. And with the (insert your own jaded adjective here) social scene at Columbia back up and running, it’s time to be brutally honest with Bwog about what you see, do, hear, and taste this weekend.

As you overstock at International and get back into your routine (or if you’re still wristband-bound, get yourself into a frat party full of other first-years), remember to fill us in at throughout the weekend so we have a hearty collection of field notes come Monday night. Welcome back, and make somewhat intelligent decisions this weekend.

It can get weird in the daytime too via Shutterstock