Robert Brotherton (Intro to Psych) uses psych research to sculpt his class

Robert Brotherton (Intro to Psych) uses psych research to sculpt his class

The first week of classes is over, and the opening remarks by your professors are in. We hope your profs stay in such good spirits (especially when they’re grading your papers.) If you hear/see your profs doing any other ridiculous things this semester, tell us about it by sending an email to!

Anna Caterina Musatti, Principles of Econ

“Some people are better endowed than others.”

Sanat Kumar, Principles of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

“Half-assed knowledge is when you say things to try to sound intelligent, but you sound like Donald Trump,” and “Look at this guy smirking–he’s probably thinking, ‘Look at this brown-skinned foreigner trying to teach me English in thermo.'”

Anonymous Spanish professor

“There will be a week in October called ‘Project Week,’ where you are in New York and I am in Bali. Assignment? I don’t know, go to a deli and order something in Spanish.”

Herb Sloan, Survey of American Civilization to the Civil War

“I think the Revolution is a mistake.”

David Vallancourt, The Digital Information Age

“That’s the first thing they taught us in engineering school–don’t stick forks in outlets.”

Mark Carnes, The United States 1940-1975

“Why are all of you trying to take this large lecture class when you could be taking a small seminar… Don’t take this class.”

Barbara Woike, Personality Psychology

“I am in the process of changing my name to Tara Well because I want to and I can.”

What they did…

  • About Paul Blaer, Intro to Java: “My CS teacher just sent a kid out a door that says ‘no exit’ because he said it’s actually an exit. As soon as the kid closed the door, he announced he had no idea where that door leads.”
  • About Robert Brotherton, Intro to Psych: “Bob specializes in conspiracy theories and is asking for student researchers to help him with his latest project involving Kanye 2020.”
  • “My prof walks in with one of those gold flash tats people get for music festivals on his arm.”
  • “I accidentally wound up in a machine learning class?”
  • “My reggae teacher wrote “Shut up and listen deeply” on the board while blasting “Legalize It””
  • “My CC prof told me to drop my fifth class so I could focus on CC…”