Even Big Bird is excited for this new development.

Even Big Bird is excited for this new development.

The newest edition to Sesame Street is Julia, a muppet with autism! Sesame Street says their goal is to increase awareness and decrease stigmatism surrounding the condition. (People)

Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours yesterday regarding the Benghazi attacks of 2012. Despite being questioned repeatedly about her responsibility in the attacks, she allegedly kept her cool. Now that’s more like #chillary, amiright? (CNN)

A woman in Minnesota is being investigated because of the threats she gave her neighbors’ children saying she wanted to “taste” them. She allegedly left magazines and notes telling the family how tasty their children look. Is this a real life Hansel and Gretel? (CBS)

Oooooh spooky! Joy Milne is a woman who can detect Parkinson’s Disease by just smelling the person. She not only detected the disease in her husband six years before his diagnosis, but she correctly identified the disease 11 out of 12 times during a test at Edinburgh University. She describes the smell as “musky.” Who knows, maybe Parkinson’s will be the next trend in colognes this season? (BBC)

Spunky Big Bird via catwalker / Shutterstock.com