Staten Island on a pleasant summer's day.

Staten Island on a pleasant summer’s day.

Staten Island is known for its infamously large landfill (a fitting symbol for the distinctively #trash borough), the unbelievably cramped Staten Island Ferry (creeps galore!), and the Jersey Shore cast members who hail from this distant island—but other stuff happens here, like half-marathons! Congrats to the winners. (SI Live)

You know you’re actually dying to figure out what happened to the Kardashians in the season finale (and klimax) of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Either that, or you’re totally uninterested. (Jezebel)

Drama: the American missiles supplied to Syrian rebels might have drawn Russia into the conflict, creating something of a proxy war—the Syrian army has Russian backing. This is alarming. (Washington Post)

Two outside reports claim that the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in November 2014 (by a Cleveland officer), was “reasonable”. The investigation is ongoing, but the landfill of life remains packed. (New York Times)

In more lighthearted news, three Alcatraz inmates might not have drowned in their escape attempt after all! More than 50 years later, new evidence has emerged from the depths, with a History Channel special airing today. (New York Post)

Now It’s Called Freshkills Park via Shutterstock