Is anything real? Are all miracles mirages?

Is anything real? Are all miracles mirages?

New York rats—they’ve made you laugh, cry, and cower in the corner (watching Pizza Rat really makes you explore the range of human emotion), but the rodentification of the city has become an increasingly gross problem that the city is attempting to address. (New York Times)

Who cares about water on Mars, when there might be a (totally real, not-bogus) statue of famous earthling Buddha resting on the surface of the Red Planet? It seems legit. (Huffington Post)

SNL continued its tradition of weirdly on-point political impersonations when Larry David did Bernie Sanders, the irritable but lovable grandpa who grimaces when you call him bae. (CNN)

Professional Kardashian affiliate Lamar Odom is making progress, after waking up from his brothel-related coma on Friday. Everything has the makings of a TV movie/tearful Instagram post/season arc on KUWTK, but we’re glad he’s okay. (E! Online)

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