Demi looking hot as usual–we're excited for her VF cover.

Demi looking hot as usual–we’re excited for her VF cover.

Hilary Clinton will grace the stage tonight on SNL.We hope to learn some fun facts about the presidential candidate, and have a few laughs in the process. (New York Times)

Actress Helen Mirren has announced her days of nude scenes are over (CBS). Related, singer Demi Lovato posed nude and makeup-less for the cover of Vanity Fair. (Vanity Fair)

Sick of halal? Southern fast food chain Chick-fil-A is opening a location on 37th and Avenue of the Americas. Looks like the PR team is hoping no one remembers the homophobic comments their CEO made in 2012. (New York Times)

Hurricane Joaquin is currently blasting down on the Bahamas. We promised we’d let you know, and it looks like the storm won’t hit the Big Apple. Your possessions are safe, for now. (The Weather Channel)

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