This morning, an anonymous tipster sent us a message about CCSC’s new website, though to call it a website may be a bit of a stretch. The page is full of cracked-out emoticons, grimace-y pictures of council members, and the default Lorem ipsum that no one’s bothered to change as of yet.

"Possibly about love <3"

“Possibly about love <3”


Is this page an official, CCSC-created site? We wouldn’t put it past our problematic faves, Ben and Viv, to create this headache-inducing layout.

Ben: "I told him to stop."

Ben: “I told him to stop.”

On the other hand, is someone concocting an elaborate scheme to defame this year’s council via grammatical error and sloppy html? What kind of loser has that amount of time on their hands?

Good luck running for CCSC if your name isn't Sameer.

Good luck running for CCSC if your name isn’t Sameer.

Whoever did this, whatever their motive, we know one thing for sure: they sure love sheep.