Are you ready to use up all of your dining dollars on Diana Center pizza?  Bwog sure is.

Are you ready to use up all of your meal points on Diana Center pizza? Bwog sure is.

That moment when you find out your parents unwittingly paid for a year’s worth of Starbucks (also known as: that moment when you discover you can use your meal points in Liz’s place) is truly unforgettable. In fact, a lot of things that go on in Barnard’s Diana Center are pretty unforgettable – these songs are sure to evoke some of your best memories from your time there.  (Bwog’s Sounds of CU music series continues, and this time, we’re getting emotional.)

  1. Love on a Farmboy’s Wages by XTC – Love (coffee) on a Farmboy’s (student’s) Wages (babysitting money) is never an easy situation. “Be a rich man if I could, but the only job I do well is here on the farm… and it’s breaking my back.” By farm, XTC probably means the Diana’s comfy seats, and by job, they probably mean Seminar homework? Right?
  2. The Good Times Are Killing Me by Modest Mouse – The perfect song for your Sunday night cram session after a wild bender of a Saturday. Drink lots of water, kids!
  3. Hey There by Dej Loaf feat. Future – “I still taste you on my lips, yeah, I do,” you mutter under your breath as you eye a prepackaged sushi roll and remember last night’s dinner at Vine. Was it really that much better? You try a boxed avocado roll. Yes, yes it was.
  4. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg – You met up to discuss your lab report, but is there more than just oxygen and carbon dioxide being exchanged between you and your lab partner? We’re not talking about an Honor Code breach here, we’re talking loooovveee over an Oprah brand chai latte in Liz’s place.
  5. It’s Oh So Quiet by Bjork – “It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so still, you’re all alone, and so peaceful until…” a horde of first years burst out of English and flock to your previously secluded spot in the lowest level of the Diana to “study” (a.k.a. gossip about their hot professor and their scandalous weekend plans involving a Carman dorm room and a flask of watered-down PBR).
  6. He Cried by the Shangri-Las – The perfect song for your first college breakup, a passed note during a lecture in the Event Oval. How could you have known Bobby would run out crying like that in the middle of the Provost’s talk? Oh, well, at least it caught the cute RA’s eye, even if the only thing she said to you was that you should go grab a pamphlet on relationships from the Health Center.
    (Note: this song is so hip it is not, in fact, on Spotify!  YouTube it to get the full playlist experience.)

Diana Center via Weiss/Manfredi