Bwog sends its support and prayers to Paris and France.

Bwog sends its support and prayers to Paris and France.

Terrorists killed at least 153 people in attacks last night across Paris, including at a restaurant, a concert hall, and a France-Germany soccer match. American buildings including One World Trade Center, were lit up with the French national colors. (CNN)

Harvard Law professors denounced the documentary The Hunting Ground, which discusses rape on college campuses including, you guessed it, Harvard. (The Daily Caller)

The national sorority Alpha Phi announced that it does not support the Safe Campus Act–a bill which would protect those accused of rape on college campuses. Alpha Phi is the first Greek organization to do this and thus go against the National Panhellenic Conference. (Huffington Post)

In Massachusetts, our proper Puritan neighbor state to the north, a woman was allowed to pose for her drivers license photo wearing a pasta strainer on her head–a religious representation of her belief in Pastafarianism, which “teaches that a flying “spaghetti monster” could have created the universe.” (Boston Globe)

For the first time since 2007, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear a major abortion case. This comes in the wake of continually increasing abortion restrictions from many state governments. (NY Times)

L’Arc de Triomphe (the real version of that thing in Washington Sq. Park) via Shutterstock