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Field Notes: The Giving Of Thanks Edition

New Conversio Virium poster for the upcoming term

New Conversio Virium poster for the upcoming term

Here at Bwog we’re totally #grateful we had the opportunity to go back home, lug piles of still-incomplete homework across the country, have unproductive fights with the actual fam, and watch Jessica Jones to completion. And sometimes it got a little spicy, as evinced by our horrifying (or is it tantalizing?) screenshot from the Iowa Snapstory. As always, if you have something to add, send it in to

Genuinely Grateful

  • “Got a tattoo on my butt.”
  • “Walked into my basement & there was a basket filled with chocolate & 2 champagne glasses & Veuve Clicquot.
  • “Won the award for most time spent doing nothing at all.”
  • “Officially spent all of the emergency cash my mom hid for me in my Bible on alcohol.”
  • “Got a really good foot massage.”
  • “Watched a metric fuckton of TV (including Jessica Jones!) and movies (including my new favorite, Field of Dreams). Reminded of DFW’s rejection of television.”
  • “Read 3 books for pleasure, still found time to submit grad school app to Harvard and Berkeley.”
  • “Took a bath! in my bathtub!! Amazing!!!”
  • “Read some Goethe. Taught my younger cousins how to pronounce Goethe. They’re ready for an Ivy League undergrad experience now.”
  • And: “Also read some Barthes and oh man, would really recommend reading Barthes but maybe not when you’re heartbroken though :////”
  • There’s more: “Went on a 5 mile walk to procure said books.”
  • “Went to Amigos twice, but I would’ve honestly loved to have gone more.”
  • “Ended up pouring a lot of Chianti into the mulled apple cider being served during Thanksgiving dinner (I may not be Jesus but I can turn mulled cider into mulled wine).”
  • “Got a SICK deal at the new Bloomingdales Outlet Store on 72nd.”
  • “Took advantage of Black Friday sales by buying great Christmas socks.”
  • “Took a lot of videos of my cat.”
  • “Purchased an adult coloring book because my therapist told me it would help me manage my stress (it’s Game of Thrones themed).”
  • “Ate, so so so much.”
  • “Got my first drag makeover.”
  • “Discussed the Harry Potter books with my grandma, who’s reading them for the first time.”
  • “Rang in Thanksgiving at Tom’s.”
  • “Rode a really large dog as if it were a horse but fell off and flashed a 90 year old lady.”
  • “Binged Jessica Jones!! Would recommend.”
  • “Slept for twelve whole hours, then stayed in bed until 4 pm.”
  • “Briefly spoke to PrezBo on the phone when I transferred his call to another person. (It was like this on my end: ‘Sure, yes, of course.’)”
  • “Brought 3 bottles of wine back to school in my suitcase. Because Costco.”
  • “Saw Miley perform at Terminal 5 Saturday night, where I also saw seven blunts in the span of twenty minutes AND a guy get SOCKED by a girl who was a full twelve inches shorter than him.”
  • “Friends tripping on acid and wandering around Cambridge and documenting it on Snapchat.”
  • “Won a five person Smash4 tournament.”
  • “Two friends left me their double in McBain. Used their flatscreen to watch the 1st season of the Great British Baking Show.”
  • “Discovered why Four Loko is illegal in many states.”


Home Sweet Home

  • “Everyone I knew in high school documented going to the Huskers game on Friday and also I realized that I don’t have any friends in Omaha to hang out even if I wanted to.”
  • And: “Someone in our neighborhood turned an old ambulance into a ‘fanbulance.'”
  • “Returned to Columbia for a basketball game because my family loves Columbia as much as me.”
  • “Did some yard work.”
  • “Opened my freezer Wednesday night and found 1.75 liter bottle of pinnacle…my mom’s apparently been turning up more than me since I left for college??”
  • “Explained the concept of Thanksgiving to my family who, and I quote, responded with ‘usual American nonsense.'”
  • “Listened to The Cranberries a lot and felt weird about it.”
  • And: “Watched Die Hard with my cousins and uncle and aunt, liked it, felt REALLY weird about that.”
  • “Went to synagogue and got all emotional about how I’ve largely abandoned my Judaism. No way in hell am I going to Hillel but maybe I’ll stop in on some less traditional shul in NYC and just grab some bagels or whatever. Then again maybe not.”
  • “Asked the question ‘What is stuffing?’ and had an entire family look at me like I had just taken a massive shit on the Constitution.”
  • “Was very weirded out by how clean suburban air smelled. Where is the faint trace of urine?? Good old NYC.”
  • “Had a very emotional (and public) reunion with my dog at the train station. We both cried.”
  • “If I wasn’t sleeping this weekend/watching Jessica Jones I was being called a racist by my grandpa, fighting with my mom about gender, or being questioned by people I hung out with in high school: ‘are you sure you’re not a lesbian yet?'”
  • “Spent every day playing Fallout 4, hanging/blazing with high school friends, and driving around suburban Florida.”
  • “After 2 glasses of wine on Thanksgiving I decided to try to put out a candle by pinching the flame. It worked, but my whole family thought I was drunk.”
  • “Met with my old dealer with a high school friend immediately when I got home.”

We Could Have Done Without That

  • “Thought about my 10 page term paper due on Tuesday for the first time since it was assigned in October, but still have yet to start it.”
  • “Lugged my physics textbook all the way home with me, thinking I might open it at some point and make it worth it… wishful thinking I guess.”
  • “Showed my mother how to use Instagram, which was going perfectly fine until she asked if I could teach her how to use Snapchat next.”
  • “Watched a shitty Michael J. Fox rom-com and did not like it. I promise.”
  • “Had a bunch of sads relating to winter coming and to being stuck in NYC because I had forgotten how much I love nature and solitude. Oops.”
  • “Was rudely abandoned by my SO during an intimate moment because they ‘refuse to cuddle with Jefferson supporters’ (ah, the perils of dating a history nerd).”
  • “Watched in horror as the man across from me on the train started hacking and vomiting into his hands. Transferred cars at the next stop.”
  • “Thought I was taking the late train back until my neighbor who works in NYC offered to drop me off. Rather than a nice, quite ride back to school, I learned every word to Keith Urban’s album “Be Here” instead of writing two papers and doing a problem set.”
  • “Shattered my iPhone screen by knocking it off my three foot high bed, but managed to get it fixed the next day!”
  • “Was an hour late to a party and was still the first person there.”
  • “Tried to go to Morton Williams for food on the night of Thanksgiving but it was CLOSED. Luckily ‘Always-Faithful’ Appletree was open and I was able to get my gallon of chocolate milk.”
  • “Scoffed at all the college sweatshirts worn by kids on my Amtrak this afternoon… only to look down and realize I was wearing my Columbia half-zip. Subsequently hated myself for the rest of the train ride.”
  • “Had my first drink ever on Tuesday night at a family party, ended up in the ER with recurring organ failure. When I got home Thursday afternoon, everyone had already eaten all of our traditional ‘Celebration Loaf’ so I got a sleeve of Ritz Crackers and sparkling apple cider.”
  • But: “Good news, though. My mom sent me back to school with a carton of milk and more Ritz Crackers.”

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