You've worked for five minutes, you deserve a break!

You’ve worked for five minutes, you deserve a break!

We weren’t sure what this “reading week” stuff was all about, so we sent staff writer Phoebe to find out. Turns out, we’re actually expected to study this week! Well, that wasn’t going to happen, so instead Phoebe compiled a list of 10 alternatives to this “studying” nonsense to get you through the next seven or so days. Happy Netflix-ing!

  1. Sleep all day. They say you need to get plenty of rest during exam season (though who “they” are is very unclear).
  2. Have a “Study Brunch” with some friends from class, even bring your backpack with the necessary books in it. Promptly shove the bag under the table. You’ll get to the class material after you eat, right? Wrong!
  3. Go holiday shopping. After all, you’re in economics, and what better way to analyze the current market than to evaluate it in person?
  4. Be the person who goes to the library, claims a spot by putting stuff all over a desk, and promptly leaves. Then watch as people angrily walk by your clearly unoccupied spot, and laugh cynically at other people’s anger and stress (while conveniently ignoring your own).
  5. Go through your closet and post various items on Barnard Buy-Sell-Trade. You’re going to need money to buy coffee when you’re studying frantically the night before your first exam.
  6. Go to any of the museums downtown and get in for free with your student I.D. Art is educational, therefore you are doing something academic.
  7. Go to a cafe and get an artfully made latte. Put said latte next to your books and promptly Instagram an artsy picture so all your friends know how amazing your studying aesthetic is.
  8. Remember when Tinder was popular. Use the app to find a study partner (or two).
  9. Take a walk (or run) away from your impending doom. End up seeing more of the City than you have all semester long.
  10. If you are getting desperate for procrastination ideas, call your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and everyone else you have been ignoring this semester. Promptly get into long drawn out arguments about why exactly you haven’t called. And by the way, have you gotten their care packages yet?

If all else fails, watch Netflix and ignore finals. After all, C’s get degrees!

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