Thanks, CCSC!

Thanks, CCSC!

Yesterday an email was sent out to students from CCSC 2017 President, Ravi Sinha. During reading week, Hamilton Hall will stay open even later on weeknights – midnight, to be exact. This means more study time and more study space for students for the duration of Finals season. We hope students will take advantage of this extension and use Hamilton as their study spot. Good luck, everyone!

Read the email below:

Hello Class of 2017,

I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather. I am very happy to announce that in response to the study space crunch on campus, CCSC ’17 has worked in coordination with the administration to extend Hamilton’s hours for Finals! This change will provide much needed group study space, along with increased individual space for studying. We are thrilled that we are making tangible progress on this issue.

However, this increase of hours is a trial period. The future of increased Hamilton hours during Finals, and possibly during the year, is contingent upon the following conditions: students must keep Hamilton clean and leave the rooms as they found them, and the space should be utilized by students during these extended hours. Starting on Monday, Hamilton will remain open on weekdays until midnight during Finals season. I will continue to work on important issues, such as increasing student space throughout the next year. I wish you all success during Finals!