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Closing Remarks: “Go Out And Get Drunk!”

Could've had Ghirardelli thrown at you, if you were lucky

Could’ve had Ghirardelli thrown at you, if you were lucky

Nothing better than your professors telling you, among other things, to get drunk, send nice emails, or vote for them in the future. Thanks for responding to our call and submitting direct quotes and/or descriptions of actions. A Bwog tradition, we once again bring you end-of-the-semester closing remarks!

Alexis Soloski, LitHum: “Last week I threw up in the bushes after class. I texted my husband, ‘It’s just like undergrad!'”

Georgette Fleischer, FY English Women and Culture: She brought us cookies. Due to her personality for the entirety of the semester, many students refrained from indulging in the cookies, thinking they were poisoned.

David Vallancourt, The Digital Information Age: “Send a nice e-mail to someone today. It’s good for you.”

Almudena Marin-Cobos, Underground Iberia: She had to explain to a student why using “impotencia” in her essay to mean “out of control” was not correct or appropriate.

Trevor Corson, UWriting: “We are partying it up here in UWriting,” as foam from our celebratory apple cider spilled onto the table. It was deeply ironic.

Deborah Mowshowitz, Intro Bio I: “Now the genetic lottery is completely random, unlike your average New Jersey lottery.” This was the first and only bit of shade Mowsh threw all semester and I was LIVING for it.

Mark Carnes, US 1940-1975 Lecture: “One of you said your biggest fears were Trump 2016 and a nuclear war.”

“The future is not what you imagine and it’s going to astonish you in every way.”

“At least when you fail my final and fail out of college you won’t have to worry about getting drafted into the war.”

Lisa Northrop, Intro Yoga: She had us do Alternate Nostril Breathing for the first time during our final yoga class.  You basically stick your finger up your nose in order to center yourself.

Peggy Ellsburg, FYS Ethnicity & Social Transformation: “The semi colon is a bitch. But once you master it, it’s your bitch.”

George Saliba, Intro to Islamic Civilization: “You should study on Monday and Tuesday, but the night before the exam, you should go out and get drunk!”

Michael Miller, Intro to American Politics: Miller spent his last class shitting on Hamilton and then walked out of the room with a sparkly “VOTE MILLER” graphic on the projector and “Don’t Stop Believing” playing in the background.

Barbara Mann, Jewish Graphic Novel (JTS): Professor is throwing candies at us just cause. If you said ‘hi’ as you entered the room, you had Ghirardelli tossed at you.

Grandparents in candy shop via Wikimedia Commons

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