He probably wishes it were a little bit darker...

He probably wishes it were a little bit darker…

As finals season comes to a close, the fall term is wrapping up in typically horrifying fashion. For this semester’s final installment of Dark Night, Bwog is bringing you the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, as usual, mostly just the ugly.

Notes from the field of darkness:

  • “Sat next to a girl in East Asian this morning who slept for three hours and then promptly got up, gathered her belongings, and announced to me, ‘Okay, time to go back to bed.’ I guess she must have returned to her dorm at that point, but I’ll never know.”
  • “Saw a used pad on the floor of nuss laundry room.”
  • “Took my time shitting in butler just because I knew the line waiting for the bathroom was long as hell.”
  • “OD’d on caffeine and hit some rando sitting next to me because I couldn’t control my own arms.”
  • “Witnessed some prospie’s grandfather in Butler say to a sleeping kid, ‘Wake up! You should be reading,’ after knocking loudly on the table he was using as a pillow.”


All photos courtesy of Bwoggers, both official and honorary