Us using the face mask we drunk bought at Lush

Us using the face mask we drunk bought at Lush

If there’s one thing we learned this semester in AllSex it’s that we all deserve a little self-care to get us through stressful times, particularly finals. We only had a couple “reading days” this round, so you’re rightfully so probably stress pooping in Butler/stressing out in general about your approaching exams. Resident Mom Courtney Couillard brings you some tips on how to take care of yourself over the next few days.

Your bed and you

Self-care is all about finding something that relaxes you, and one of the best ways to de-stress is to create a calming environment. When you start feeling like you want to tear up your study guides, take a break and just lie in bed for a little bit. While you may like to do some reading in bed, try to avoid it during finals so that your bed becomes a non-work related space. You may feel guilty being in bed when everyone else is at the library, but you deserve wasting an hour or so watching the new season of Transparent or playing Candy Crush.

Take a walk

Sometimes you just need to step away from campus for a minute, literally. Go down to Riverside for a stroll, or just make your way down Broadway. The weather is insanely beautiful for Fall semester finals, so make use of it and get a little exercise. It will make you feel better mentally and physically while giving you a study break that isn’t just Facebook stalking your third cousin’s boyfriend.

Watch what you’re eating

Most of us like to binge on sugary food or a JJ’s dinner when we’re feeling stressed, but all good things must come in moderation. It’s ok to pick up a cup of gummy bears after dinner one night; just don’t do it every meal. You’ll start getting a constant sugar rush and your body is going to become mad at you (stress pooping is real, people.) Self-care can include treating yourself to some chocolate, but it also means making sure what you’re eating isn’t just making you feel even worse than before.

Take a nap, or five

One of the biggest finals mistakes most people make is not getting enough sleep. Is it really benefitting you to sit in 209 all night studying when you’re really taking snapchats of the camper’s belongings next to you? Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest self-care practices you can do. White noise apps can help you calm down at night and get to sleep easier. Also, put on an eye mask if you’re trying to take a post-lunch siesta. Butler will still be there when you wake up along with your half-finished essay.

Be kind to other people (and yourself)

I’m not sure why finals makes everyone an asshole, but it doesn’t really help the stress culture that consumes all of us during this week. Focus on being kind even if you don’t feel like it. Hold the door open for someone. Smile at the desk attendant you typically ignore. Make sure you’re also being kind to yourself. Maybe you didn’t finish that book you need to have read for your final in two days. That doesn’t make you a bad student/person. Be a little selfish and acknowledge the things you’re doing right instead of what you’re doing wrong. There are plenty of things to worry about during finals, but take a minute to think about the world outside of your library cubicle and be grateful for it.

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