It might be a good time to start exercising your thumb.

It might be a good time to start exercising your thumb.

Light a candle in your dorm tonight, because Rostam Batmanglij has left Vampire Weekend, leaving the band gutted, and perhaps artistically (un)dead. Every Columbian mourns tonight, reminded of the ephemeral nature of this material world. (Pitchfork)

Maybe more bands don’t come out of Columbia because, as this noise map of the city shows, we are a staid and restrained bunch, just marking time until we begin careers in finance. (New York Daily News)

Donald Trump is attempting to not-so-quietly divorce the political process by refusing to participate in the upcoming Republican debate. “No,” he shouts, his arms flailing wildly as he screws up his red face. In a news conference he said, “It’s time that somebody plays grown-up.” (New York Times)

Mark Zuckerberg experiences a break from reality while peering into the depths of his monochromatic closet. (The Verge)

It’s the end of a strange era: the leader of the occupation in Oregon is reportedly in custody; after a shootout with Feds, one militant is dead.(Gawker)

Nothing Gold Can Stay via Wikimedia Commons