This guy's got a lot of remarks to make...

This guy’s got a lot of remarks to make…

Shopping period has begun and if you think it’s driving you crazy, you haven’t been paying attention to the professors–here are some of the weirdest, wisest, most wonderful words to come out of our profs’ mouths as we pore over their syllabi in fear and excitement. Thanks for sending in quotes and helping to continue Bwog’s tradition of putting the most articulate/bizarre first words out of your instructor’s mouth on blast!

O’Keeffe, Major French Texts: “Nothing like women locked up in a convent for things to get a bit naughty” – description of a Diderot novel or of Barnard?

Jacob Alexander, Chemistry: First day of class, Dr. J stands in the front of the room, says “Let’s get started” and plays “Since You’ve Been Gone” (the Weird Al version) while staring at all of us.

Shamus Khan, Intro to Women’s & Gender Studies: “Why are the women stick figures wearing dresses? The men don’t have genitalia, so what are the dresses covering?”

Justin Reeves, U.S.-Japan Relations: “So for the final paper the topic has to be about Japan or America, directly or indirectly. Within that, you should be okay.”

Jonathan Reynolds, Modern Japanese Architecture: “The secret to the entire semester is in the first couple of minutes of the first class, you know.”
“You’ll just be a fundamentally happier person if you do the readings before each class.”
[about his own book] “The book is brilliantly written, and it agrees with me on almost everything.”

Anonymous: “Ripping software is so much better than it used to be!”
Related: “I can engage in theft myself, but I cannot facilitate theft through Courseworks.”

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