Dave's brownies + birthday wishes at ButCafé.

Dave’s brownies + birthday wishes at ButCafé.

Remember when Bwog turned 10? Remember when we changed our logo, posted a lot of cool articles, and reminisced about the beginning of the internet? It was great, and to perpetuate the nostalgia, here’s a Bwog Asked from patrons of ButCafé on what they think of Bwog now. The staffer who gathered these responses noted: “These responses are still better than some of the things my brother has written in my birthday cards tbh.” Alas.

“It’s alright.”
“I think the senior wisdoms are really funny.”
“Spec has better articles.”
“Mostly gossip.”
“I hate Bwog.”
“I don’t know I don’t read it often .”
“I like how it’s always been a good place to get quick campus news? Yea Bwog is alright.”
“It used to be funnier.”
“Is Bwog the one with the crown?”

Image via Bwog