12688219_1203813926313184_2932407544737790558_nAh, there is nothing we love more than getting free things at Columbia. If you haven’t yet found your Valentine on Tinder, stop by McAC’s Love Fest tonight from 6:30 PM until 8 PM in the James Room on the 4th Floor of Barnard Hall to get a lil love in your life. In addition to learning about self-love in the absence of a physical lover (or when you’re just annoyed at them), Love Fest will also have free food (sliders and fries!) and arts and crafts. An added bonus is that they will be giving away 50 free sweatshirts at 6:30 PM and again at 8 PM. Get there early in line so you have first dibs on the sliders, sweatshirts, and popsicle sticks by the glue.

Photo via the event’s Facebook page.