A Bwogger's bedroom + clothes

A Bwogger’s bedroom + clothes

Columbia laundry machines are dirty…and/or fire hazards…Barnard laundry machines cost money and break constantly. Dry cleaning gets expensive rulll quick. Hand-washing in  your dorm sink is a hassle. What to do now that mom’s not around to clean your clothes? Try Parachute! This is not an ad, but a review, of the new campus laundry service, written by hygienic Bwogger Sarah Dahl.

I first heard about Parachute after one of the company’s ubiquitous campus reps, also known as Pilots™ slipped a flyer under my door. Then my friend, a Pilot, texted me a code for a $1 load of laundry. If I used her code they’d give her $5. Sounded like a win-win. Plus, apparently they’d stopped paying her and she needed the cash.

The online sign-up process was super easy. I had to give them my name, address, and credit card info. I opted for a low-use time slot, so my load ended up costing just $0.54.

A nice Parachute Pilot and fellow Barnard first year arrived at my room and gave me a cute canvas bag, into which i stuffed my clothes. She carried them off, and twenty four hours later, another Pilot delivered the bag back to me, filled with clean clothes, sorted and folded..


Folded clothes

I am pretty pleased overall. My clothes are clean. It cost me a solid $5 less than Barnard machines (I stuffed a lot of clothes into that bag). BUT, they shrunk my cashmere sweater, after I opted for premium hang-dry care. So please hit me up on Barnard Buy Sell Trade if you want a nice cashmere sweater. As an environmentalist, I was also bothered by Parachute’s use of plastic bags inside the canvas bags. What’s the point of a reusable tote if you line it with plastic, am I right?

Sorted clothes

Sorted clothes

Henceforth, a load will cost $18. So I probably won’t do it again (unless I use another credit card and a fake name/address). But, if you want to try the service, use my friend’s code! CLAUDIA1. She’ll get another $5, and you’ll get a load of laundry washed for $1. Just don’t give them any cashmere.

Photos via Sarah Dahl’s iPhone 6