Come one, come all, to this badass event!

Come one, come all, to this badass event!

The Facebook page boldly proclaims three things: “Free! All ages! Oodles of zines!” For the third and final event of the Big Barnard & Columbia Feminist Weekend, the Feminist Zinefest will be held. From noon until six tonight, you’ll have the chance to check out the newest zines, meet the authors, and learn about feminism in a new way! This event is held in the James Room on the fourth floor of Barnard Hall, all ages, and free to the public. Below is an explanation of the event from the official website.

Why a feminist zinefest?

“We’d like to showcase the work of artists and zinesters who identify as feminists, and whose politics are reflected in their work. And also, zines have a special place in our hearts.
There’s just something about the immediacy and expressiveness of a little printed booklet, smudged with printer’s ink or photocopy errors. It’s like a small, pocket-sized emissary of ideas, one who will eagerly come with you on a long train or bus ride, and share its hidden tales. Plus, zines are the thriving medium of folks who exist beyond the margins, creating spaces & forums for ideas that are erased from traditional media. We like that space – alive, full of energy and community. We want to create more spaces that feel that way.”

2016 will be the sixth year of this event in NYC. There will be over sixty tablers present, and this year’s organizers are…

  • Tai Maag: radical poet, author of the forthcoming Through a Mirror, co-curator of Fabulist Catalyst, an intersectional queer reading series at Hullabaloo Books.
  • Cassandra Leveille: contributor to the zine hoax, On Struggling and Jealouzine, writer of the nihilist feminist zine Secondhand Emotion.
  • Rachel Casiano Hernandez: author of several zines, including Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Pata, and Vital Signs.
  • Jenna Freedman: zine librarian at Barnard, creator of the zine Lower East Side Librarian.
  • Elvis B: author of Homos in Herstory, a comics zine series about queer history in the USA.

If you’re still not convinced that this event is going to be a blast, lots more info can be found on their blog!

Poster designed by Katherine Arnoldi, image courtesy of the artist