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Saturday Playlist: Midterms Again?

this ultra-retro music playing device will be hitting the shelves of Urban Outfitters this spring!

this ultra-retro music playing device will be hitting the shelves of Urban Outfitters this spring!

It’s about that time again. Midterms are approaching… or they’ve already approached… or you’re neck deep and have already failed two this week. Whatever your current situation, music always helps. We’ve compiled an eclectic mix of songs, from a wide range of artists, spanning a vast assortment of genres. to guide you on your journey through hell. Enjoy!

  1. UGH! by The 1975 – Your own personal soundtrack for “midterms week,” whenever that week may be for you.
  2. FML (ft. The Weeknd) by Kanye West – The second of the five stages of grief is anger.
  3. Quarter Past the Hour by Jack + Eliza – They are referring, of course, to the hour you should have gone to bed but instead went to Butler. This Columbia-NYU duo croons about the passing of time, while you feel time slipping away.
  4. Too Much (ft. Sampha) by Drake – Why did you take so many classes this semester?
  5. Not Giving In by Rudimental – Persevere! You got this!
  6. Til Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) by The Weeknd – When it’s 5am on a Monday morning and you’ve been in the But for almost eight hours straight, you understand Abel’s words all too well.
  7. Take a Walk by Passion Pit – You can’t! You still have three papers to write!
  8. Gimme Sympathy by Metric – Begging your friends for pity won’t do you any good, seeing as they all have midterms, too.
  9. I Didn’t See it Coming by Belle and Sebastian – This one’s a  throwback, and it perfectly describes your attitude toward that Econ exam you took this morning.
  10. We Both Go Down Together by The Decemberists – You tell your friend this as you walk into your Bio midterm together.
  11. Trembling Hands by The Temper Trap – You sit down and stare at your hands as the test is distributed and can’t help but notice…
  12. Second Guessing Games by Colony House – Those multiple choice sections.
  13. Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens – An ode to your calculator during the Calc midterm.
  14. Everything is Burning by Ivan & Alyosha –
  15. Drugs You Should Try It by Jordan Bratton – post-exam… pretty self explanatory.
  16. Who Knows Who Cares by Local Natives – A dreamy tune that captures your complete apathy at this point.
  17. This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service – You finally come to this bitter conclusion after midterms have taken the life out of you.



Wait what song is this via Wikimedia Commons

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