The Bacchanal machine keeps on grinding

The Bacchanal machine keeps on grinding

Soon enough, stubborn and yellowing ice will give way to uncovered lawns, budding flowers, and the truest indicator of spring: Bacchanal. It might seem distant now, but maintain hope and eventually campus will be congested, disorganized, and presumably, awash in the sounds of good (???) music.

If you’re a musician and interested in participating in this great and controversy-ridden Columbia tradition, consider trying out for the Bacchanal Battle of the Bands. As you likely know, the winner will get to open for our mysterious guest performers, joining the ranks of such greats as Vampire Weekend and The Morningsiders. To submit, you must send a YouTube or SoundCloud link of up to five minutes of music to The deadline is Thursday, February 11 at 11:59 pm.

The rest of you can look forward to the actual event, which will take place in the Lerner Party Space on Friday, February 26, at 8:30 pm.

Those of you who are less artistically inclined can help defray the costs of Bacchanal by buying an official crewneck sweater, priced at $30. Let the description sway you: the Facebook page reads, “Show your support for FUN and rep your school with pride in SICK apparel!” If you’re into FUN and being SICK, you’d better hurry—crewneck sales will end on Monday, February 15 at 11:59 pm.

Modern Warfare via Facebook